Energy Machine's "VENTITHERM" direct and indirect type Hot Air Generators are fully automatic and run on gas and oil. They are ideal source of obtaining hot process air for Dryers, Ovens, Spray Dryers and other similar applications.

Indirect fired have temperature limitation up to 400°C. Indirect fired Hot air generators do not have any refractory and all internal parts like combustion chambers, heat exchangers are highly reliable with low thermal inertia and have virtually no maintenance.

Direct Fired ‘VENTITHERM’ for the applications where contamination by carbon particles or combustion products do not matter for the

product to be dried or baked ( Maximum temperature : 800 °C)

Indirect Fired 'VENTITHERM’ for the applications where clean hot process air is required for thr drying as in food processing , paint baking or for some fine chemicals. ( Maximum temperature : 400 °C )



Range from 50,000 Kcal/hr. to 25,00,000 Kcal/hr
88% ± 2% Efficiency (based on NCV)
Easy And Economical Operation
Fuel: FO/ LDO/ HSD/ Natural Gas/ Wood/ Coal
Fully Automatic (If FO/ LDO/ HSD/ Gas fired)
Coil/Wood Operated Are Manual
Outside Purview Of IBR

SUMMERWIND - Agro waste fired


The agro waste burns in a separate chamber which is designed with latest state of art technology of solid fuel combustion technology, coupled with hot combustion air made available by extracting the heat from waste heat going through chimney, giving excellent burning efficiency.

Most of the volatized gas also burnt in the combustion chamber.

All heat transfer surfaces of main heat exchanger is made up of stainless steel for thermal stability and longer life.

Summer wind is a manually operated 3-pass, solid fuel (wood / agro waste / husk) fired packaged Hot Air Generator, capable of supplying process heat up to 350°C at near atmospheric pressure.

The temperature control is automatic and only fuel feeding is manual. The ash disposal is also automatic.

They are designed for direct firing or indirect firing. They can be designed once through type or recirculating type.