Energy Machine's "AQUAFLOWTHERM" series LDO / HSD, FO or Gas Fired Hot Water Generators are fully automatic. They are an ideal source for supplying process heat through suitable hot water media upto a temperature range of 90°C at atmospheric pressure and upto 160°C for pressurized system.
Water is low cost , eco friendly and has specific heat of one., which makes it it excellent medium for industrial heat transfer application. They are used where hot water is required in processes such as Steel Plants, Hotels, Hostels, Food processing, Textile industries, Rubber industries, etc.
They are also used as once through system for obtaining hot water for hostels, hospitals, hotels, temples and laundry.


Range from 50,000 Kcal / hr. to 25,00,000 Kcal / hr
88% ± 2% Efficiency (based on NCV)
Easy And Economical Operation
Fuel: FO / LDO / HSD / Natural Gas / Wood / Coal
Fully Automatic (If FO / LDO / HSD / Gas Fired)
No Scale Formation
Coil / Wood Operated Are Manual
Outside Purview Of IBR

AGRIHOTSPRING - Agro waste fired

The Hot Water Generator are gaining more acceptance as a replacement for Thermic Fluid Heater and Steam boilers for many heating application where process temperature requirement is below 130ºC.

AGRiHOTSPRING series of agrowaste fired hot water generators are efficient, compact, factory assembled units, capable for supplying hot water up to 95º at atmospheric pressure and up to 140ºC in pressurized condition.

The temperature control is automatic, only fuel feeding is manual.

Compared to Thermic Fluid Heaters, cost of water as working fluid is negligible, and requires less power for circulating pump since volume flow rate requirement for same heat output is half than that required for thermic fluid.

Except for working fluid, they are more or less similar to our Agrowonder thermic fluid heaters as far as system design and other features are concerned.